We are currently developing ADA. With ADA, inventory will be linked to new possibilities of AI. Recognizing objects to be inventoried.

Acutally ADA is only currently available for the german market.

CollectionInventory via QR code and capture via mobile devices
Help with setupFree initial setup via remoteHidden support costs
Use of mobile devicesMax. 20Either not possible at all or associated with costs per device
Administration of the inventory via mobile devices or desktop PCs possibleYesOnly Desktop PCs
Hosting via cloud in GermanySecure storage in the cloud up to 1,000 objects included, hosting in Germany. No additional IT effort. Internet access providedNot possible or no storage in Germany
Possibility to create images of the inventoryYesPartially
Assignment of the inventory to categories, subcategories, rooms and possibly users/personsYesYes
Assign inventory (loan to employees, projects, locations, rooms...), assignment history.YesPartially
User management & rolesYesYes
Labels includedYesChargeable approx. 700 € with competitor
Inventory quantity / objects4.000Partly 5 €/inventory
Future viability through autonomous object recognition?Made possible by artificial intelligenceNo