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Your digital car dealership through innovation and networking

Through software solutions, artificial intelligence and the integration of mobile apps, we revolutionize your business.

With a focus on ...


Customer satisfaction

Process optimization


We have recognized the problems !

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for any business, especially a car dealership. The customer's experience should be positive and stress-free. It is important to know what your customers expect. Employee satisfaction is also extremely important in the car dealership industry. Your employees are your face to the public, and they make up a large part of the success or failure of your business.

Data evaluation

So far, you don't know how long a vehicle is in the workshop on average, how long the employees need for a registration or whether the customers are satisfied with your service?

Outdated processes

Your processes are still or partially running on paper, some matters remain unnoticed on your desk and waiting times in the process chain slow you down.

Customers in transition

Car dealerships face a unique challenge in today's world: they must serve both old-school customers and customers who have grown up with digital technology.

Incompatible Software

In many cases, the software solutions used in a car dealership are not compatible with each other. Both manufacturer-specific software and third-party software are used. This can lead to problems for employees as well as within process chains.

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Our solutions

AiCentive GmbH | Autohaus 4.0
RPA Robots handle repetitive business processes.
Find the right vehicle faster with our own vendor software.
Process orders paperlessly. Data with mobile Apps saved. Make processing status available online.
Locate vehicles. Acquire inventory.

Our partners

You want to benefit from the future trend of voice assistants? VOISENTO supports you and advises on  relevant topics. These include voice-based applications, voice marketing or voice SEO.

We mainly use UiPath for our RPA software projects. With our long history and experience, we can help you automate your RPA requirements quickly and meaningfully to ensure that your projects reach their destination in a month or less.