AI consulting, digitization, development & DevOps

AI Consulting

What are the advantages of AI today? What is deep learning? How can I integrate AI into my applications? It doesn't always have to be the well-known, large providers in the cloud to use AI. Today, Artificial Intelligence can carry out defined and outlined tasks and partially replace humans in these tasks. Processes can be automated or digitized with AI. Ideal processes are those that generate large amounts of data. We will be happy to answer these questions, aspects and more and advise you individually.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a constant process of change in the processes in the company. Supported by appropriate technologies such as AI. We help you to identify current processes in the company and to transform them into a digital process. We use appropriate methods such as business reengineering and RPA in this regard in an agile environment.

Development & DevOps

Don't know how to use a database and store information? Let us advise you and implement your needs with regard to the storage of information in databases. Databases in which we have knowledge are: Neo4j, CouchDB, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgresSQL. Do you know which processes you would like to have digitized? We are the consultant and solution provider for you. As Microsoft and Google Cloud partners, we are always one step ahead of other solution providers. If you are looking for a partner who operates your IT applications, we are the competent contact. ITOps and DevOps are not foreign terms for us.