Chatbot - a definition

A chatbot is a technical dialogue system that communicates with text input or voice. Chatbots are often there to answer standard queries without a human having to answer them. So much for the definition. Unfortunately, some chatbot providers only offer you the option of the chatbot picking up the name and reporting that you are getting feedback.

In our opinion, a good chatbot can be recognized by these points:

  • Meaningful: the chatbot solves a prevailing problem of a company or its customers. It is a practical solution.
  • Entertaining: the conversation is fluid and sounds human. The chatbot can handle typos and slang.
  • Easy to use: With a good chatbot you don't have to register, download or install anything before you can use the chatbot. It is free and does not entail any costs for the user. The design is user-friendly and appealing.

We base the development of chatbots on the following principles

  1. We pay attention to the target group
  2. We take into account the goal that the chatbot is pursuing
  3. Pay attention to the performance and feedback of the chatbot
  4. Develop key content for the conversation
  5. Develop a meaningful conversation design
  6. We pay attention to the user environment
  7. Collecting feedback and creating evaluations

Our Solution - Edita

Powered by Google

Wir haben aus diesem Grund Edita ins Leben gerufen. Edita ist in der Lage mit Ihnen zu kommunizieren und Ihre Kunden zu beraten während Sie entsprechend weitere Informationen über Ihre Kunden bekommen. Dies ist ein weiterer Baustein für ein erfolgreiches CRM. Edita basiert auf Googles KI Plattform. Lassen Sie sich gerne von uns beraten, was Sie mit der Google Cloud Plattform entsprechend für Ihre Anwendungszwecke verwenden können.

See Edita in action:

Our Solution - Neura

Powered by AiCentive

Neura is our own development as a chatbot. It is based on our own artificial intelligence platform. This means that our solution does not need another provider in the background. With our methods of extracting content from your websites, we are able to optimally integrate our chatbot on your website.