Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Thoughts round about choosing Processes for RPA and in General

Choosing Right Processes for RPA. We advise you in finding these Processes.
In General choose processes ...

  • ... which are labor-intensive.
  • ... which have a high manual proportion and are therefore particularly susceptible to errors.
  • ... which based on structured input data.
  • ... which have a medium to high transaction volume.
  • ... which have long maturities.
  • ... for which no change is planned within the next few months.
  • ... which are rule-based, meaning that they are based on clear. decision-making criteria.
  • ... which are already standardized, so do not have too many variants in the execution.

What should I consider when choosing an RPA solution?

There are now numerous RPA software solutions, some of which are similar, but also differ significantly in some properties. It is therefore advisable to carefully check what requirements the company places on the software and the provider, and what functions the automation system has to offer. We can find a solution for every concern!

Provides cloud deployment options and virtual machines for high flexibility and scalability

Has a good support for different presentation layer technologies for a user-friendly application

An be equipped with a production and staging environment

Provides credentials and execution logs in a central database repository

Protected by high-security encryption and SSL protocols

Manage a large number of software robots if needed and has a highly elastic scalability.

Reference in RPA

RPA is ideally suited not only for large customers, but also for medium-sized customers. We have currently implemented two successful business processes with the help of RPA & UIPath for “Autohaus Bebion” based in Magstadt ( and made them more efficient. All in all, many hours of work are saved per business process and “Autohaus Bebion” can concentrate fully on its value chain. umgesetzt und effizienter gestaltet. Im Insgesamten werden pro Geschäftsprozess viele Stunden an Arbeit gespart und „Autohaus Bebion“ kann sich somit voll auf seine Wertschöpfungskette konzentrieren.

Is RPA a job killer?

Definitely no! RPA frees employees from tedious routine tasks. Employee know-how is not wasted on activities that a robot can do better. Employees can focus their expertise on more complex tasks that require human strengths, such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, and judgment. Also because of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, employees are rarely made redundant due to the automation of their activities. Rather, automation creates space for more value-adding activities.

Our chosen partner for RPA

We mainly use UiPath for our RPA software projects. With our long history and experience, we can help you automate your RPA requirements quickly and meaningfully to ensure that your projects reach their destination in a month or less.