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RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is a technology that automates and streamlines processes. This is done by mimicking human actions and can be used in almost any industry.

Advantages of RPA...


Cost efficiency

Error reduction

Employee satisfaction

We have recognized the challenges!

Daily repetitive business processes can be boring for your employees. As a result, errors sneak into the process, which have to be corrected again through effort.
In many companies, more and more programs are being used, e.g. due to manufacturer specifications or to cover several activities. However, this also makes it increasingly difficult to have all of one's data up to date.


You use different programs, but there are no interfaces between the programs? This is the perfect task for a robot, which can enter the data from one program into the other, so that your employees do not have to do this repetitive work.

Routine tasks

Your employees are busy performing repetitive tasks every day. Let a robot do this work and your employees can take care of more important issues.

Working hours

Software robots do not need breaks and do not have to adhere to working hours, thus they can be used 24/7.
The tasks are therefore completed continuously, regardless of the time of day, and even a holiday does not disturb the robot.

Quality of data

Because the robots execute the processes according to predefined steps and the respective steps are implemented in the same way each time, the data is more consistent.
Likewise, all work steps can be logged and checked afterwards.

Genug gelesen?
Gerne beraten wir Sie!

Does your company have processes that:

  • are routine or repetitive tasks
  • have a high manual proportion and are therefore particularly susceptible to errors
  • are labor and time intensive
  • have structured input data
  • have long durations
  • have a medium to high transaction volume
  • are not subject to any major changes in the foreseeable future

Then feel free to contact us and we can discuss together which processes should be automated.

Our partners

We mainly use UiPath for our RPA software projects. With our long history and experience, we can help you automate your RPA requirements quickly and meaningfully to ensure that your projects reach their destination in a month or less.