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Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Services

Our applications and programs use Artificial Intelligence in the area of Deep Learning. Learn more about our programs in the area of natural language processing (NLP), as well as image recognition. Our implementation use our own neural networks, or use our services from our global partners. We call the integration of AI knowledge Cognitive Services. With Cognitive Services, we take your application to the next level of user experience. Let's talk about your needs and those of your customers and find a solution to meet them.

Robotic Process Automation

We have a long history in the Robotics Process Automation sector. We consult and lead you the way to a useful and efficiency way to automate your processes with RPA. Call us to analyse your business processes if it is worth to do RPA.

AI Consulting, Digital Transformation, DevOps

You know what you want your application to do... but you don't know how to create an application? Digital Transformation of processes is your topic? No problem, we implement & program your favorite application for you. We are able to implement your application in NodeJs, PHP, Python, Django, JQuery, Angular, Vue.js, Perl, Cordova, Ionic, C#, Access, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Oracle, Java and many others.


Do you know chatbots that are only there to ask for your name? Such a conversation is not particularly exciting! With our chatbot "Edita" it is possible to ask for more than just your name. Edita is able to communicate with you and advise your customers, while you receive further information about your customers accordingly. This is another building block for a successful CRM.

Computerlinguistic (Natural Language Processing/NLP)

Using cognitive services, we create applications for you or expand your existing applications.We offer you corresponding applications for hotspot analysis or the summary of documents, language understanding or semantic analysis.

Wir bieten Ihnen entsprechende Anwendungen für Hotspot Analyse bzw. die Zusammenfassung von Dokumenten, Sprachverstehen oder auch semantische Analyse an.

Intelligent contract management

DOCM is a client-capable, process-controlled software solution to create, edit, monitor and evaluate contracts. We have expanded this with our hotspot analysis so that, among other things, it can automatically evaluate which type of contract is involved.

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AI & IT Security

It is not only since XDR that it is known what can be possible with AI in IT security. Data correlations and analysis help uncover security threats and prevent attacks on your company in advance.

ADA – a new inventory software.

We are currently developing a new inventory software for schools and companies. ADA is a new app that can be operated from mobile devices as well as from desktop PCs. ADA is currently able to scan QR codes with mobile devices. In the future we will also be able to recognize the objects to be inventoried!

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You are our partner and we put your strategies forward to develop something extra ordinary for you.

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Co Development

Do you already have a development team ... but not enough manpower? Together we will develop your dreams & programs.

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Have you developed something but don't know how to work with it safely? We'll do it for you!

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We build a prototype which enables to further develop your strategies.

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